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religion better. maybe that would... that would've helped in what happened, i would say. >> pelley: what was he interested in? >> group: soccer. cars. >> ahmad nasri: if someone a few days ago told me that one of my friends was responsible for the bombs, bombing in boston, i would've named off at least 90% of everyone that i know before i would've said dzhohkar. >> pelley: tamerlan tsarnaev did not fit in easily. a champion amateur boxer, he was disappointed that he couldn't try for the u.s. olympic team because he wasn't a citizen. he lived with his wife and child in this cambridge house, divided into three apartments. al ammon lives there, too, and he says he and tamerlan argued three months ago. >> ammon: he was explaining how the bible is a cheap copy of the koran and how it's used for the american government as an excuse to invade other countries. and i remember he said that america's a colonial power, trying to colonize the middle east and africa. and he also said that the most casualties in afghanistan and iraq are innocent bystanders gunned down by american soldiers. >> pelley: d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1